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Exit Probabilities Analytics

  • ML engine focusing on Emerging Markets
  • For portfolio companies held indirectly
  • Compare the exit probabilities calculated by the algorithm to your own forecasts

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Peak to Trough Analytics

  • Identify in a dynamic manner the top list of downturns across various time intervals for a library of stock market indices
  • Measure how large the losses were from peak to trough and how long lasted these downturns
  • Measure the percentage of days, weeks, months, quarters and years when the indices were up or down over the analysed time intervals

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Credit facility private equity

  • Simulate the impact on net IRR and net TVPI of a prospective or an existing fund with and without credit facility until life end of the fund
  • Optimise the use of the credit facility
  • Use the obtained graphs for stakeholder communication
  • Calculate the quarter of entry in the catch up phase with and without credit facility

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Macroeconomic crises impact

  • Measure the impact on the TVPI and IRR of primary positions in PE funds in times of macroeconomic crisis
  • The measurement is forecasted for a future period of three years
  • Measure the impact of your assumptions - regarding the severity of any macroeconomic crisis and its shape (V, U, L or K) - on the financial returns of the portfolio you have in mind

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Monitoring your portfolio

Our clients rely on LDSP models for their monitoring and decision making. LDSP models are continuously upgraded and fine-tuned through in-depth analyses of a wide range of portfolios.


We assist clients in designing investment strategies and programmes by modelling the outcome of their concepts. Our services also cover the upgrading of data management, reporting and communication.

Support in transactions

LDSP supports investors when conducting specific operations that are resource intensive such as secondary transactions and corrective actions on non-performing assets.

Extending your skills

We extend the skill sets of our clients through the provision of consulting services in the field of portfolio and risk management for the front, middle and back offices of investors.

Toolkit for analyses

Private equity executives rely on a wide range of indicators to make informed decisions. Quantitative techniques such as the ones developed and implemented by LDSP belong to the toolkit of sophisticated investors.

Some of our reference clients

About us

Our clients benefit from LDS Partners’ extensive experience in modelling private equity investment strategies, improving support functions, processes and systems. Over the years, we have dealt with portfolios of positions held directly in companies (General Partners and Limited Partners) or in funds (Limited Partners such as banks, pension funds, funds of funds, etc.). Our clients manage small to large size private equity programmes comprising equity, debt or hybrid instruments. At LDS Partners, we recognize this variety of situations and tailor our services accordingly.

Our objectives for any mission we undertake are:

  1. Provide investors in private equity with an alternative view on their portfolios and/or their strategies based on robust quantitative analyses;
  2. Strengthen data gathering, management and analytical processes and systems to maximise investors' benefits from the increased use of the available information; and
  3. Facilitate communication on the performance and impact of private equity portfolios to stakeholders.


Philippe Defreyn

Philippe’s areas of expertise are general management, operational efficiency and corporate governance. He has managed various private equity bodies with the responsibility to supervise their commercial and communication strategies from the development stage to implementation. He has over 20 years of private equity experience.

At LDS Partners, Philippe is responsible for general management and business development.

He also advises entities to streamline their operational efficiency, team dynamics, and financial sustainability.

Philippe holds a PhD in Organic Medicinal Chemistry, attended the INSEAD International Executive Programme, and started his career as University lecturer and researcher.

Didier Guennoc
Managing Partner

Didier's areas of expertise are evaluations and modelling of investors' portfolios, investor relations, data management and ad-hoc research for general partners and limited partners. He has over 18 years of private equity experience. He also advises EU institutions on access to finance and various fund initiatives.

Didier was the Secretary to the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines Board (IPEV) from 2005 until 2015, and advised Invest Europe (formerly EVCA) on AIFMD, Basel II & III and Solvency II.

After having started his career at Xerfi, the leading French market research company, in 1999 he joined EVCA to found both the research and the public affairs departments.

Didier has acted as a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (Technische Universität München - Germany) and of the private equity subcommittee of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst® Program.

Didier holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University Robert Schuman, Strasbourg (France)

Javier Echarri
Non-executive Director

Javier advises private equity players, policymakers and regulators, and is board member at GED Capital. Javier was Secretary General of Invest Europe between 1999 and 2011. He has over 20 years of private equity experience.

Current engagements include CEO of the European Business Network, Chairman of the Investors Board of the Creative Business Cup, Senior Advisor to the EU Commission and government organisations on access to finance for start-ups and SMEs, Advisory Board Member of the CRECER, Board Member of BrandCont Server and Native AD, and Advisor to BitBrain Unsenns

He is a graduate in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Deusto in Spain and has a post-graduate degree in European Union Economic Integration from the University of Amsterdam.

Mirela Ene
Senior Consultant

Mirela's areas of expertise are research on the Private Equity industry, from measuring (macro) economic, social and financial indicators of the industry to more topical ad-hoc research.

Furthermore she has a deep knowledge of all existing databases hosting relevant Private Equity indicators, and is a specialist in the evaluation of investors' portfolios. 

Mirela created the initial European Private Equity Database PEREP_Analytics, which is now used by 20 Private Equity Associations in Europe, including Invest Europe.

Mirela has over 15 years of private equity experience, and holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Weatherhead School of Management, US.

Mirela became a CFA Charterholder in 2005.

Jo Maertens
Senior Consultant

Jo brings expertise in both Public and Private Equity. Jo gained experience in the venture capital sector with Becap, a Belgian independent investment company specialized in secondary direct transactions, and with Origo Management, where she was involved in the management of a large private equity portfolio.

A number of ad hoc consultancy projects related to Private Equity and Venture Capital were assigned to Jo over the years.

Jo started her career as an investment manager at Cobepa and later at Gevaert – two formerly listed Belgian financial holding companies with investment activities in both public and private equity - where she managed a trading portfolio of quoted shares and options.

Jo holds a Master Degree in Germanic Languages and a Graduate Degree in Business Economics from the University of Leuven. She is also a Certified Financial Analyst.


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