LDS Partners’ Expertise at Work

  • Reports on cashflow forecasting, return expectations and NAV evolution for funds, funds of funds and institutional investors
  • Quantification of your investment strategy ex-ante: based on your strategy, track record, risk factors, economic conditions, manager selection, deal pipeline etc, LDSP models the expected return distributions - IRR and TVPI - as well as the cashflow patterns and NAV evolution
  • A Risk Management Policy for LPs and GPs – not a template but custom made and implementable
  • Scenario building and stress testing of portfolios, ex-ante or ex-post investment strategy
  • Management of risk factors made tangible: identify, measure, control and report
  • Decision making process made consistent, reliable and objective
  • GP AIFMD financial risk management consistency - further info
  • Financial indicators on a dashboard: cash flow forecasting, expected final multiples, IRRs and TVPIs, value at risk computations at multiple time horizons...
  • Assessment of information systems - which is the one most convenient for you? Or rather outsourcing?


Our Credentials

  • LDS Partners provides solutions for dynamic planning and monitoring - and financial risk management - for portfolios of private equity, real estate and infrastructure. The provided reporting is AIFMD consistent
  • Current users have investment programmes ranging from 150M€ to 20Bn€
  • LDS Partners benefits from risk management and investment management experience in some of the world's largest investment institutions, senior-level regulatory advocacy delegations and has access to a large network of limited and general partners
  • Our partners are recognised as the foremost experts in private equity risk management and strategy
  • LDS Partners integrates seamlessly with an organisations' existing risk management function, in close collaboration with key stakeholders
  • LDS Partners provides ad hoc reseach, and back/front office software and fund administrator assessments as a bedrock for best practice monitoring and reporting


Some Examples Of Missions


Process Step Theory LDS Partners’ Practice
Portfolio Objectives
  • Market Analysis
  • A pension fund managing an opportunistic legacy private equity portfolio – assessment of the portfolio through projections of  expected final returns. Quantifying the decisive elements for a strategic private equity program decision.
Portfolio Design
  • Asset allocation, modeling & planning
  • Preparing a fund of funds for mandate pitching based on expected IRR and multiple distributions of its current portfolio
  • Quantification of the probability of reaching target returns for a to be implemented investment strategy for a fund of funds
Liquidity Management
  • Cash Flow projections
  • Implementation of a cash flow forecasting solution for a sovereign wealth fund
  • Deal flow, due diligence and terms & conditions
  • Implementing an assessment system to quantify the impact of new investments on the portfolio risk return profile. Subsequent financial projections of expected final (net) IRR, multiples, liquidity issues, capital call & distribution profiles, etc – all tested at various confidence levels
Ongoing Monitoring
  • Fund Monitoring: Valuation, reporting, LP-GP Relationships, benchmarking, grading
  • Portfolio Monitoring: Deviation from portfolio objectives, benchmarking, value at risk measurement
  • Conducting a portfolio review for a secondary fund of funds to provide investors with risk return indicators
  • Running of stress scenarios in light of potential liquidity constraints of the private equity program of an institutional investor
  • Fund actions: downside protections, upside maximization
  • Portfolio actions: revised asset allocation, corrective actions
  • Developing a limit system for an institutional investor’s investment strategy
GP AIFMD Compliance
  • Financial risk management compliance
  • Establishing an independent risk management function
  • Risk Return profile of an unrealised portfolio
  • Identification and controlling of financial risks including reporting to stakeholders
  • Quantification of the volatility of the gross IRR within probability curves
  • Distribution across time of the expected exits
  • Identification of main risk parameters
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