Private Equity Unchained – Strategy Insights for the Institu...

Private Equity Unchained
By Thomas Meyer

palgrave macmillan, August 2014

Private Equity Unchained – Strategy Insights for the Institutional Investor

For many years institutional investors have viewed returns from illiquid investments such as private equity as virtually assured. As with most investments after the financial crisis, the landscape has changed and making money in these markets has become more challenging. However, there are still significant returns to be made from private equity, infrastructure, real estate and other illiquid investments, but investing without a strategy is like travelling without a map, and developing a competitive strategy is essential for investment success and for meeting objectives.

Private Equity Unchained is a succinct strategic guide to investing in illiquid alternative investments. There are a number of issues and considerations specific to illiquid assets that investors need to take into account before allocating their capital, and too often have investors ventured ‘blind’ into these investments, with unfortunate consequences. This book takes readers through all the considerations of planning and implementing an investment strategy in illiquid investments. The book begins with an overview of all the major illiquid investments and their characteristics. The author then looks at the objectives of different investors (such as liability driven investors vs. more traditional investors), and how to map the strategy to these objectives and identify which portfolio model will suit the strategy. The book then addresses the various stages of the lifecycle of the investment, what investors need to consider and implement at each stage, and finally, how to evaluate the success of your strategy. This will be an invaluable guide to investment strategy for illiquid assets and will be essential reading for portfolio managers in all institutional investment houses.

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