2016 Risk Management Symposium - 13-14 December - Oxford, UK

This year's symposium - programme here - will focus on dealing with techniques to overcome the extreme uncertainty of the private equity asset class.

  • How can practitioners work with the data they have available?
  • How quickly is the validity of data decaying?
  • How can data be adjusted and stressed?
  • How can comparable data be used to assess new opportunities, markets, strategies, and
  • How can one fill the gaps in data?

In this context, John Renkema from APG will present the RATZ IRR (reconstructed average time zeo internal rate of return) methodology to estimate the portfolio IRR from portfolio constituents, when only the IRR and the money multiples of the constituents are available.


Can uncertainty in private equity be overcome with "big data", or should investors rather aim to be prepared for the unexpected?

Prof. Philip Sabin from King's College will talk about tools to simulate strategies under uncertainty in a competitive environment and under resource constraints. Such simulations 'aka "war games") have a long tradition in the military but are increasingly applied to business siutations as well. Together with the Symposium participants Prof. Sabin will conduct such a "war game".

Registration is possible here.

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