LDS Partners

6, Avenue Guillaume
L-1650 Luxembourg

T +352 277 61 234

Conseil économique - Autorisation d'établissement N°10004732 / 0

LDS Partners - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - T +352 277 61 234
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  • Philippe Defreyn
    Philippe’s areas of expertise are general management, operational efficiency and corporate...
  • Javier Echarri
    Javier advises private equity players, policymakers and regulators and is board member...
  • Mirela Ene
    Mirela's areas of expertise are research on the Private Equity industry, from measuring...
  • Didier Guennoc
    Didier's areas of expertise are evaluations and modelling of investors' portfolios, investor...
  • Jo Maertens
    Jo brings expertise in both Public and Private Equity. Jo gained experience in the venture...