Portfolio and Risk Management Services for Private Equity, Real Estate and Infrastructure

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LDS Partners provides a cost-effective yet all encompassing solution for asset managers, GPs, LPs and 3rd Party AIFMs.

Return projections, cash flow forecasting, stress testing and scenario analyses, quantification of investment strategies, as well as secondary transaction pricing or asset valuation. LDS Partners has put in place proprietary models and thorough processes in order to be able to provide you with the needed analyses and reports efficiently and cost-effectively.

Furthermore, LDS Partners provides a robust risk management framework. Demands for independently sourced risk data by stakeholders, counterparties and regulators continuously increase, keeping you away for your investment focus.

LDS Partners sees all of the above as an outsourced service that is to be provided to you in a low maintenance and low time-effort way. 


  • LDS Partners at your service: overview one-pagers here 


  • 3rd party AIFMs in Luxembourg benefit from the full suite of risk management services, all the way to a risk management partnership. For detailed info: full presentation
  • For General Partner clients, the methodologies support the development of business plans and produce AIFMD-compliant risk-return and liquidity profiles of the investments of an AIF, with the associated definitions of limits. Overview of parameters requested by the regulator and provided by LDSP here.
  • For Limited Partner clients, the methodologies provide a comprehensive risk management system, including stress testing and scenario analyses, as a major contributor to informed portfolio management. Insights include the risk-return profile of an investment programme and its individual components; cash flow forecasting, maximum cash exposure analyses, as well as return probability projections and Value-at-Risk calculations at different levels of confidence and time horizons.



Identify the main risk factors of your investment strategy


Measure and control those risk factors


Determine and stress test your private equity portfolio risk return profile


Communicate your portfolio management expertise to your board and investors

Practical - Tested - Used by Leading Investors

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